Sir John in Love Sir John in Love Sir John in Love Sir John in Love
Sir John in Love

English National Opera Coliseum 2006

Cast: Andrew Shore, Marie McClaughlan, Jean Rigby, Sally Burgess, Alastair Miles, Robert Tear.


"Ian judge's beautifully organised production places Sir John in the faux-Tudor casements of the Arts and Crafts movement.  His Windsor is pleasant, prosperous and, courtesy of the bizarre Ambridge accents and the in-joke cow-pats, proudly pastoral.  It should be a nice place to bring up your children."  Independent on Sunday

"And as in Nicolai's opera, Windsor is unashamedly bourgeois - a point underlined by Ian Judge's 1920-era production, which has the wives brandishing Harrod's bags.  It enfolds Falstaff in an unmistakeable English medium and the nostalgic hue it casts over old England.  One that would never be experienced again." Financial Times