Madama Butterfly

Los Angeles Opera - 1991

Cast: Maria Ewing, Plácido Domingo, Sir Thomas Allen.

Madama Butterfly Madama Butterfly

"Something strange and different was going on in Act 1 of MADAMA BUTTERFLY director Ian Judge and designer John Gunter had stripped away the Japanoiserie to produce an Italian opera (on an American play) that happened to be set in Japan. The production is unconventional in ways that are effective and true to the opera." - The Chronicle


"Ian Judge’s production takes the drama seriously, and it does take chances. The opening night audience in Los Angeles actually paid respectful, discerning attention to the music and the drama. There may be hope." - Los Angeles Times


"Ian Judge (direction), John Gunter and Liz da Costa (sets and costumes, respectively) enjoyed great success. Dramatically framed in red lacquer, Butterfly's house, with cantilevered lookout deck, was set on a hillside of tall, poetic grasses." - Opera News