Le Nozze di Figaro Le Nozze di Figaro Le Nozze di Figaro Le Nozze di Figaro
Le Nozze di Figaro

Le Nozze Di FigaroLA Opera, Los Angeles 2004/2006

Cast: Erwin Schrott,  Isabel Bayrakdarian/Ilda Abdrazakov,Barbara Bonney,

Conductor: Kent Nagano

"On opening night of Los Angele Opera’s handsome and intelligent new production of the masterpiece, the audience laughed spontaneously and easily. Judge has a mildly earthy take on the proceedings – his characters have a strong urge to join pelvises it seems – but more than that he is detail-oriented. The singers act this FIGARO as if it were a good play, and with ham acting and operatic poses strictly prohibited." - The Orange County Register


"Judge is a reliable pro and he keeps the stage alive and the plot relatively clear." - Los Angeles Times


"Judge’s solution was pure Shakespeare. He simply followed Hamlet’s advice: 'Suit the action to the word'. You are not likely to see a FIGARO that has more dramatic credibility and sexy fun between Figaro, Susanna, Cherubino and the Countess than you will here." - Daily Breeze


"It seems almost every season there is one opera in the company’s repertory that stands out above the rest, one that has everything right, and this season FIGARO is the one. It is an evening of wonderful music, of course, but delightful, believable acting as well, set against a simple but effective and brightly colored setting that works with ease. A Fabulous FIGARO" - City Beat