English National Opera/Opera North 1985/89  Cast: Arthur Davies, Helen Field/Valerie Masterson, Sir John Tomlinson

Victoria State Opera - 1990  Cast: Patrick Power, Deborah Riedel, Barseg Turmanian

Lyric Opera of Queensland - 1998  Cast: Patrick Power, Deborah Riedel, John Wegner.

Opera Australia - 2001  Cast: Vinson Cole, Bruce Martin/

Faust Faust Faust Faust

"Ian Judge’s production of FAUST strikes like a bolt of lightning. It is a model of how to interpret freshly a long-established favourite without distorting the original dramatic conception, and without being self-consciously clever or pretentious." - Daily Telegraph


"Theatrically this ranks among the most striking shows in London, colourful, fast-moving, fizzing with invention, beautifully lit and with a vivid use of the chorus." - Evening Standard


"It would probably be asking for trouble to suggest that Ian Judge’s engrossingly precise, intensely theatrical staging of Gounod’s FAUST is in many crucial ways superior to the work itself." - Sunday Telegraph


"If the new FAUST of the Victoria State Opera is not the best opera production visually and vocally ever staged in Australia, it must be very close to it." - The Bulletin