Don Quichotte

English National Opera - 1995

Victoria State Opera - 1997

Cast: Richard Van Allan, Alan Opie, Louise Winter/Sally Burgess.

Don Quichotte"Judge’s QUICHOTTE is, for most of the time, a great big West End Show. And as with most of his work, it is very well done, zingily theatrical, beautifully organised, utterly professional. Everything works." - The Times


"A new production by Ian Judge which is at once as brilliant, tragic and funny as Massenet could have ever imagined it to be." - Evening Standard


"Anybody who has seen Judge’s populist Shakespeare comedies for the RSC or his ENO Faust will know what to expect: the sheer professionalism of everything he tackles is a joy and he has delicious surprises in DON QUICHOTTE. This is the kind of old fashioned theatre magic which the hair-shirted Powerhouse regime despised. Welcome back, and let’s hope that the management recognises how much ENO needs the popular flair of Judge." - The Sunday Times