Opera North - 1991

Cast: Sir John Tomlinson, Jason Howard, Dame Josephine Barstow/Karen Huffstodt.

Conductor: Paul Daniel

Sir John Tomlinson and Jason Howard in Attila. Opera North Sir John Tomlinson in Attila, Opera North

"Ian Judge’s production is a thrilling revelation, elevating this rarity to something far more impressive than the music alone sometimes seems to deserve." - Yorkshire Evening Post


"If you want an evening which constantly sends tingles down the spine and makes you grip your seat, hurry along to Ian Judge’s virile production." - Daily Telegraph


"Where I thought Ian Judge’s production scored over the Royal Opera’s was in its unrelieved sense of flow, with one scene almost tumbling over the next in anxiety to maintain momentum." - Sunday Telegraph


"Judge always puts on a good show, and this ATTILA is no exception; it does however give off a whiff of camp." - Financial Times


"If this is camp, it’s the butchest camp I’ve ever seen!" - Opera Magazine