Bitter Sweet
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New Sadler’s Wells Opera, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London 1988

Cast: Valerie Masterson, Martin Smith, Rosemary Ashe.

Bitter Sweet"The production was deft and immaculate and the singing excellent. The set was adroitly contrived so that the transformation scenes practically glided by and when the last cycle was complete it was quite moving. What a wonderful evening! The Master would have been proud of all of them in that cast tonight." - Kenneth Williams Diaries March 10th 1988

 "About the staging I have no doubts. Ian Judge’s production is affectionate, unobtrusive and highly accomplished." - The Telegraph

 "The whole show, beautifully mounted by Ian Judge is so spotless and well mannered that I hardly dare clear my throat for fear of breaking the magic spell." - The Sunday Express

 "The reason why I call Ian Judge’s new production generous-hearted is that this charming dated mixture would be all too easy to mock. But, instead, Judge plays it straight and sincere, unafraid of pathos – and the gamble pays off. The production renders perfectly the sad, restless mood of the piece; that of an eternal twilight." - The Sunday Times